Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Decorating the Mudroom

After lots and lots of searching, I finally found a bench for the mudroom. I'm glad this little room is complete now, it looked so bare before.

So here it is...our new modern little bench. It fits perfectly in this space which was one of the difficulties I was having when I started the search for the perfect bench.

And we put a shelf above the bench and I did some decorating. I'm on a decorating spree with birds, owls in particular. We have lots of them all over our house. Carl thinks its a little weird but I can't resist buying all these darn birds.

Happy Belated Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day...a day late. oops.

February 14th is a big day at the Rivir Ranch since it's Carl's birthday too. We celebrated all weekend and this week too. Also, 1 year ago on Feb. 14th is when we started building the Rivir Ranch, which also marks just over year of blogging. Wow, lots of anniversaries, birthday, holiday to celebrate.

I did a little Valentines decorating in the entry way this year.

And we sent out Valentines cards to all of our family too.

We had a great Valentines Day; we ate at one of our favorite local restaurants and then we got each other lots of gifts. And Carl sent a dozen beautiful red roses to me a work yesterday!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day!