Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting Started

After several months of planning, we finally met with our project manager and the surveyors to stake out the house on January 13, 2011. When they staked it out, which didn’t take long since they were using a pretty cool GPS, it looks so small but we know once the framing starts it will feel bigger. The next step is to get the last building permit, the house needed to be staked before they would issue it, then our project manager,  Greg, will begin contacting the sub-contractors and ordering supplies. He thought the final steps before digging the basement will take about two weeks. After they break ground it will take about four months to complete so we should be moving in June. We can’t wait!

This picture is looking at the front of the house. The four stakes in the front are the office, to the left is the foyer then the bedroom; behind the office is the living room and to the left of that is the dining room and kitchen. Not in the picture to the right is the garage.


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