Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And There Was Light

You may remember when Carl, Spencer and Grant set the light pole in November and I accidentally stepped on the light bulb. So, since November we have had a light pole and light but there wasn't a light bulb in it. Over the weekend, Spencer came over with a giant ladder and climbed to the top to install the light bulb so now we have light. Carl also installed an electrical box at the base of the pole so we have power out there too. Just has I was not paying attention the last time I was out there taking pictures of them working, I stepped on the light bulb, well this time I was inside the house when they installed the light bulb but then later came outside to check on them and take some pictures. And just like last time I was concentrating on getting pictures that I stepped on the light bulb box but luckily it was empty this time but the guys were sure to let me know all about it again and how I need to pay attention to where I walk.

Now we officially have a light pole with a working light...amazing. The light is really bright and lights up the the front of the house great.


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