Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Catching Up

Wow, a lot has happened on the Rivir Ranch since I last blogged. Let's catch up. After we got back from our trip to California my sister was beginning the state softball tournament. For about six weeks we were consumed with softball games. It was a very exciting season and the girls went on to win the state championship. At the same time my youngest brother played in his first season of baseball so we were able to enjoy some baseball games too.

After softball season ended, we were invited to six weddings and bridal showers and a whole bunch of birthday parties and other celebrations. Those kept us busy for quite awhile to say the least. One of the most fun events was that I had the chance to co-host, along with my mom and sister, a bridal shower for my cousin Danielle. Thanks to Pinterest, I had a lot of inspiration for this shower and made several little things for the bridal shower.

In addition, to all of the family get-togethers, we have season tickets and are part of the Directors Club at our local theater. There are six shows in the summer, one every two weeks, and it is so much fun. We have really enjoyed getting more involved with the theater and learning more about how it all works. It's by far one my most favorite parts of summer.  And then on July 1st, we celebrated one year in our new home. The past year has flown by and it's really neat to look back at the pictures and to think just a year ago we were living in the tiny little lake cottage preparing for big move to the country. We have both loved every minute in our new house, it's just perfect for us!

Well, that sums up most of our summer so far, I'll do a few other posts about all the different plants we have growing on the Rivir Ranch this year. The flowers, garden vegetables and big corn patch are all doing well this year despite the drought.


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