Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let There Be Lights! (and Carpet!)

Monday, June 20, 2011 - Day 127

Wow, the electricians were hard at work today and all the lights are installed.  The carpet layers came and installed the carpet too.  The house is really starting to look incredible!  We can't wait to move in!

The garage lights on the front of the house:

The carpet running up the stairs:

The chandelier over the entry door. Nice!

The ceiling fan in the living room:

The light and can lights in the kitchen.  There will be two pendant lights in the foreground once the counter tops are installed and completed.

All the vanity and bathroom lights are in. This is the half bath just off the garage.

This one wins the Frugal Fixture Award!  Lindsey got this ceiling fan/light combination at work for a grand total of $4.  It was somewhat assembled with some pieces left in the box when she bought it.  This thing sat in her apartment for about a year and has sat upstairs in our current place for the past year.  We were a little surprised and very pleased that it actually works!

Here's a view into the kitchen from the living room.  The new carpet coordinates very well with the paint and the other flooring.  The light that will hang above our kitchen table is in this one too.  All the interior doors are lined up waiting to be installed.


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