Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh Crap!

We're back to blogging about the house.  Someone made a demand that we post something NOW! You know who you are... Jim & Linda.

Well, the house building project got a little set back by about a week and a half.  The guy doing the staining mixed the wrong thinner in his top coat sealant and it all cracked and bubbled and looked terrible.

Luckily they had only sprayed the upstairs and a little bit of trim in the master bedroom and laundry room.  So, they replaced all the ruined trim, window jambs, and door frames and started over.

A picture of one of the windows...

 Some bad trim. Doesn't that look terrible?

They had to order 11 new door frames:

And the dumpster started filling up:
We have a few more posts for today that are a lot more positive than this one.  I guess you can't have a building project without a few screw ups!


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