Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Harvest!

Monday, July 18, 2011
Today we harvested the first fruits of our labors in the garden.  Lindsey couldn’t wait any longer to pull some of the beets.  We had one jalapeno pepper and one big zucchini squash.  We watered everything good while we were at it.  The pumpkin vines have totally taken over the back of the garden.  We took the fence down last weekend because the vines were actually pushing the fence outward.

Pumpkins are taking over!

We haven't had much rain and everything needed lots of water.

The first harvest!


Suzanne Grimm said...

Wow! I expected your garden to have a lot of weeds :) not bad though! Did Carl really have to water the whole garden with that little watering can??

Carl said...

Yes, Suzanne, I watered it all with that watering can. Many times! Thanks for your vote of confidence in our weeding skills! I think you're jealous of our well maintained garden.

Suzanne Grimm said...

I was thinking maybe you would use a hose or a sprinkler. That would take forever if you had to carry the watering can all the way to the garden. Have you got any worms off those tomato plants yet?

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