Saturday, August 13, 2011

Garden Gone Wild

Since we last wrote about the garden it has grown expontentially! We have harvested lots of vegetables and now I'm running out of recipe ideas for cabbage, zuchinni and cucumbers. Sit back and get ready for a bunch of garden pictures.

You can see how the garden has really grown in the last month here. No fertilizer either just water and TLC.

We planted cilantro from seed this year. We planted a ten foot row and it was more than enough for the few recipes we use cilantro in.

The pumpkins continue to take over the end of the garden. There are alot of small ones and a few big pumpkins in there too. This just might be favorite thing in the garden and the flowers too.

We put a fence around the whole garden when we planted it to keep the rabbits out but the pumpkins were pushing the fence out and we eventually had to take the fence down. They grew well beyond where the fence was at.

The zuchinni plant has been producing zuchinni like crazy! And if you over look one by the time you get out there the next night it has turned into a small boat sized zuchinni. 

The melons got off to a slower start compared to the other plants but they really picked up the growing pace. Now we have several good sized canteloupes and watermelons.  They also took over the row where the beets were planted but we have pulled all of those now so the melons are on their way towards the green beans.

The jalepeno plant is more like a small bush.

We picked a bunch of green peppers, jalepenos and zuchinni this week.

The green beans could use a little dust...

The onions are looking pretty good too. I want to pull one out to see how big there but Carl vetos me  . In the background of this picture you can see that we got a sprinkler. Carl created the contraption underneath so  it would reach the whole garden. Now he doesn't have to water the whole garden with the little watering can. After Suzanne left a comment about how she couldn't believe he watered the garden with the little watering can we went to Menards to buy a sprinkler.

I planted a some zinnias and sunflowers this year. Gorgeous as always.

And finally, the corn. The corn wasn't very tall so we didn't have to high of hopes for it but it did produce some small ears of corn.


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