Friday, October 28, 2011

Another Tree at the Ranch

My birthday is next week and I've been asking Carl a million questions about my birthday gifts. He never gives any hints (boo) but he did tell me that he has one gift that he needs to give me early. I love getting presents early. He said he would give it to me over the weekend but he went hunting on Saturday and didn't get home until late so I didn't receive this mystery gift, then on Sunday he went hunting again and didn't come until late that night too. So when he got home around 10pm on Sunday, I was asking him about my birthday gift that I hadn't got yet but that he was going to give me soon. By now it was around 11pm and we were getting ready for bed, he was still being vague about the birthday gift when I was continuing to ask a bunch of questions, it's bigger than a bread box, doesn't have a motor, can't be wrapped easily, etc. Then he says, you want your birthday gift now, and of course I say yes. He says, ok put your shoes on because its not here. What does he mean its not here, as in it is not on our property but is accessible at 11pm at night...yes.  By now, I'm thinking 'Really Carl, we have to drive to it (remember we don't know anyone in our town that could be hiding the gift either) at 11pm on a Sunday night. So we get our shoes, coats and a flashlight and hop in the truck. We drive down our rode and stop near a woods. Carl gets out of the truck with the flashlight and begins walking towards the woods and asks if I want to come too. I, of course say No, I'm not going in there, it's not even our woods. So on he goes in to someone elses woods to apparently get my birthday gift. A few minutes later he comes out of the woods with a big willow tree. I've been wanting a willow tree for quite awhile and really wanted to plant it the year the house was built so I was really happy to get the tree. But really who stashes a willow tree in someone elses woods for three days...Carl.

So we planted the willow tree in the back corner of the property in a low spot since willow trees need alot of water.

Here I am with my new willow tree. I've got a shovel in my hand but who am I kidding, everyone knows Carl did all the work and I watched, hahaha.

Then Carl staked it up so the strong winds on the Ranch won't blow it over. Thanks for the tree, hubby!


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