Friday, October 28, 2011

Planting Trees on the Ranch

We planted our first trees on the Ranch a few weeks ago. A lady at work planted the seeds from her Cleveland pear trees and brought in a bunch of little saplings. The Cleveland pear tree is similar to a Bradford pear, it doesn't produce fruit and is a nice medium height tree. You typically see them in rows lining drive ways. Anyways, we planted ours along the left side of the property (as you are looking at it from the road.)

When you are working with an engineer, every thing has to be measured. These trees are evenly spaced from each other and in a perfect row parallel to the property line.

Then he dug the holes to plant the little trees.

Then, in went the trees and in a perfect row.

We were glad to plant some trees in the year the house was built. Someday that little fact will be interesting.


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