Friday, September 23, 2011

Vacation to Niagara Falls - Part 4

We took our sweet time travelling home on the last day and made a few stop along the way. The region along Lake Erie is packed with vineyards and wineries. The interestate was lined with the grapevines for miles and miles. So on our way home we stopped at a vineyard to pick to some grapes.

We picked over 20 pounds of grapes and our car began to smell like grapes too, which was wonderful.

Now we are working on turning all those grapes into homemade grape juice.

Our next stop was at winery not far from the vineyard were we picked the grapes. They weren't offering any complete tours of the winery that day but we did do a wine tasting with 20 of the wines that the winery makes.

Don't worry, we shared those little glasses of wine and we didn't even finish them all. I preferred the sweet wines and Carl likes the red wines.  They gave us a menu of the wines we were sampling so that we could purchase some later.

And we did buy a few bottles of wine, three of our favorites and a bottle of grape juice.

So that wraps up our trip to Niagara Falls. We had a wonderful time on our little vacation and it was quite relaxing before the busyness of deer season, craft shows, house projects, holidays and more begin this fall.


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