Monday, September 5, 2011

Tile 1.0

On Friday we began the task of burying all of the tile for the downspouts. Carl and I spent the morning rounding up supplies at Menards and picking up a trencher at the Rental Shop. Later in the afternoon, Spencer stopped over to help us run trencher. Here is our day in picutures.

The truck is loaded down with tile and we're pulling the trencher.

Carl decided where to put all the tile and Specer began trenching the lines.

He didn't get thirty feet before he buried it.

He hooked his truck up to the trencher and pulled it out. Now, he is back on track.

Hello out there!

Spencer continued to trench all the lines around the house.

Texting and trenching.

Inspecting Spencer's work or contemplating their plan?

Then he went back and scooped out the trenches where they weren't level.

Time to lay in the tile. Carl and Spencer vs. The Tile. The guys eventually won.

Watch out Carl, he's gonna get ya!

Spencer stayed the night at the Rivir Ranch and they finished up the tile on Saturday morning just before the rest of Lindsey's family arrived to help put in the yard.


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