Monday, September 5, 2011

Yard Crashers

Lindsey's family came over on Saturday to help us put in the yard. We rented a Bobcat skidloader and harley rake to clear off the weeds and work up the ground. It worked out great!

Here is Dad in the skidloader running the harley rake.

Once we cleared out the big dirt clods from around the house we leveled it out.

The dust was really rolling. Dad was covered in dirt!

Carl got a little dirty too.

Dad was making great progress in the front yard. The harley rake cleared off all the weeds and worked up the dirt really well.

After it was cleared, Carl went over the whole yard with the drag to level it off.

Then he started spreading the grass seed. We used 150 pounds of seed.

And Dad spead the grass seed around the house.

And here it is all finished up. In a few weeks we will have green grass! 


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