Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas Day

I must have been good this year because Santa was quite generous. We started off our Christmas celebrations with Carl's family on Christmas Eve. His mom made a big lunch for everyone and we played games and opened gifts. Carl's parents got us a new wheelbarrow, something we definitely needed and some other little gifts. Later that evening we went to church with the whole family and had dinner with Theresa's side of the family.  Then on Christmas day, Carl and I opened the presents we bought for each other. We got a new iPad2 and a computer. We also got each other a bunch of fun stocking stuffers.  Later than morning, we went over to my parents house for brunch and more gift opening. My mom always makes sausage, biscuits and gravy on Christmas and it's something I look forward to every year, it's so good! My family got me a new sewing machine, this is something I'm going to learn how to do in 2012, along with a bunch of sewing accessories, books, Christmas ornaments, cupcake and cake pop things and a Fiestaware tablecloth. Carl got some great things too, he got some new sandals, John Deere t-shirts, flashlights, ladder, a big box of bacon and the highlight gift of this year - Air Soft Gun. My dad got the guys air soft guns and they shot everyone and everything all day.

Here Granny is opening her Christmas gifts and Carl is behind her shooting Harmon who is on the other side of Granny behind the Christmas tree.

Spencer took cover under some boxes but he was still a target.

Then Carl and Spencer began to shoot each other, they were only about 10ft apart. You can see Spencer's feet covered by a box and he his hiding under his new beach towel while Carl hides behind the giant chair. When this shoot out began I was sitting in the chair hiding under the chair cover caught in the crossfire.

Spencer got us this giant lawn chair. It will make for some good laughs this summer when we get it out at the family get-togethers.

Our grandparents, were also really wonderful and bought us gift cards to several restaurants and my Grandma Betty gave us some money to get a new bench for our mudroom. I have already bought the bench and its in the mudroom now. I love it.

Thank you everyone for making our Christmas so wonderful!!!


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