Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's a Party

It was a super busy end to 2011 at the Rivir Ranch. I'm back on the blog to fill you in with all things that happened the last few weeks.

The first weekend in December, Carl's Dad, Kent, turned 60 and we surprised with a big birthday party.

We spent the afternoon decorating the room for the big birthday bash.

While we were decorating Mark's daughter Claire had lots of fun with the crayons. Dump them out, clean them up, dump them out, clean them up, it was fun!

We had all the food ready, chili and baked potatoes, and the 35 guests had arrived, we were just waiting on the guest of honor. Carl's mom had been telling him that they were going to library to watch a travel video and then go to dinner with some friends. He really wasn't that interested and really wanted to finish watching his football game so it took quite so coaxing from Theresa to get him to the library. Then at 5:30 in the evening, they walked through the door and he was completely surprised!

We put together a big board of all sorts of pictures of Kent from when he was younger and it was really neat look at those pictures. The dinner turned out great and Luke and Emily made a bunch of really great desserts. Kent blew out the candles on his birthday cake then we had him cut the first piece but there was trick. See Kent is quite the jokester and always playing tricks on other people but this time Luke and Emily got him. The cake was really made out of Styrofoam. He got quite a kick out of that.

Then we took a bunch of family pictures.

Everyone had a great time and we were so glad to pull of the surprise.


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