Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Decorating the Rivir Ranch

We really get into the Christmas spirit here at the Rivir Ranch. I love Christmas and I love to decorate which only means lots of Christmas trees. We had a total of 10 trees set up in the house this year. They varied in size from 2ft to 10ft. Here are few pictures of the main trees.

Here is the most impressive of them all. Our 10ft real Christmas tree decorated with ornaments that we've collected over the years.

In the dining room, we had the mitten and stocking tree.

Then in the library the tree was decorated with all gingerbread men.

In the master bedroom, we had a tree with all reindeer ornaments.

And upstairs on the landing, I decorated the tree with all pink, purple and lime green glittery ornaments.

All of the other trees were just decorated with Christmas bulbs. Christmas was the holiday that I was looking forward to the most when we were building the house because I knew I would have lots of space to decorate. I absolutely loved decorating for Christmas this year and can't wait until next year.


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